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St. John Bosco Co-op


This co-op is designed primarily for students grades 7-12. The term “co-op” is short for “co-operative” and any family which uses the co-op is expected to contribute to the co-op. Contributions are more than teachers’ fees and can take various forms including (but not limited to) weekly clean-up, door monitor or class monitor/teacher assistant. We attempt to maintain flexibility due to parents’ work demands. Please plan to actively participate when asked!

To register, please contact Marybeth Thomas.

Printable Schedule —– Printable Course Descriptions 

SJB Co-op Parent Committee

Please direct your questions to one of the following parent committee members:

Vicki Clayton
Dana Heisserer
Christine Mason
Cassie McCullough
Marybeth Thomas

Before emailing with questions about classes and books, please read the course descriptions. All available info is in these course descriptions.


Co-op will run from August 25, 2017  through May 4, 2018.  SJB Co-op will NOT meet on:

  • Sept 1 – Labor Day
  • Nov 24 – Thanksgiving
  • Dec 22 and 29 – Christmas
  • Jan 19 – March for Life
  • March 30 – Good Friday

1st semester – August 25, 2017 – Dec 15, 2017
2nd semester – Jan 5, 2018 – May 4, 2018

Our End-of-Year Picnic will be held on TBA


Registration opens:

  • Current SJB Families – TBA
  • New Families – TBA
Parents’ Meeting

Friday, August 11, 9-10 am — This meeting is mandatory. See details below.


St. Richard Catholic Parish

11223 Schuetz Rd

St. Louis, MO 63146


SJB Co-op Guidelines

SLCHA Member

In order to enroll in the St. John Bosco Co-op your family must be SLCHA members. Become a member today.

Co-op Fees

The family fee is $120 per year plus an additional $30 per family facility fee.  The facility fee will apply to ALL families including those that fulfill yearly jobs to earn the $120 credit.  Each family will be required to fulfill a co-op work duty such as cleaning, monitoring study hall, lunch duty, working the plant sale, helping with Trivia night, etc.  Parents must sign up for these jobs at the mandatory parents’ meeting in August.  Those who do not sign up at the August meeting will be assigned leftover slots.  Some courses have additional fees.  Course-related fees are to be made directly to the instructor – either by semester or monthly payments as noted in the course descriptions.  Payment arrangements should be made directly with the individual instructor.  After attending the first class you are committed to paying for the first semester whether or not you continue in the class.  You have the option to drop a class at the semester break.


Mandatory Parents’ Meeting

We will meet, Friday, August 11th, 9 – 10 am at St. Richard Catholic Church, 11223 Schuetz Rd., 63146.  SLCHA membership, and co-op fees are due at this meeting. Since we are relocating co-op this year, we are asking all parents, students, and teachers to attend this meeting so that they can see the new facility and be aware of new processes resulting from the move.  We will provide time for students, parents and teachers to meet.  At 10 am parents & students will be encouraged to visit their teachers’ tables in the gym. Teachers will provide typed descriptions of classes including required texts/supplies; special class formats or expectations; and grading methods for the parents. Supply/copy/lab fees should be paid at this time. If you will be unable to attend this meeting, please contact Marybeth Thomas at mat7270@gmail.com. Parent attendance is required.  SLCHA membership, and co-op fees are due at this meeting. Parents must also sign up for a co-op duty at this time. Those who do not sign up at this meeting will be assigned leftover slots. A brief job description will be provided at the mandatory parent meeting. Please review to see what will work best for your personal needs. 

Hold Harmless Agreement

Each family participating in the St. John Bosco Co-op will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement prior to the start of classes. This is required to use the facilities and is not optional. A copy of the agreement is available upon request from Marybeth Thomas or Kathy Harkins.

Co-op Registration

Registration is done entirely online. Class sizes are limited and courses will close as they are filled.

Dress Code

All students are expected to dress neatly and modestly within the parameters of the dress code.

Boys, grades 7-12: Twill school slacks or dress pants. During hot weather: solid color, uniform style shorts (NO athletic, denim or cargo shorts) are acceptable. Shirts with collars – oxford or polo. No pictures or writing on shirts. Shirts should be neatly tucked in and belts are recommended.

Girls, grades 7-12: Dresses, jumpers, or skirts to the knees. Neat denim skirts are acceptable — no bleach marks, rubbings, rips, or tears. No clingy shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or t-shirts with pictures or writing. Neckline no lower than 4 fingers below collarbone. All shirts should have sleeves to cover the shoulders. 

High School Credits

Most of our high school courses are worth one full credit. This means there is a significant amount of course work that must be done in the home under the supervision of parents. Some teachers do not check homework or give tests. Please check specific course descriptions for testing/grading information.

Class Participation

Students who routinely show up without their completed assignments will be asked to leave. Co-op courses are intended to be supplemental to your homeschool curricula. Parents should supervise their children’s assignments and monitor their progress throughout the year. It is the parents responsibility to confer with their student’s instructors as needed.

No Unsupervised Children

All students must always be supervised by an adult. Absolutely no drop offs for K – 6th graders. Moms must remain with their children at all times.

Study Hall

All children not in a class must be in a study hall. This will be held in the gym in the morning & in a classroom in the afternoon. Your child should have independent work to do and understand the need for quiet.


Bring your lunch. No refrigeration is available.

Severe Weather — Co-op Cancellations

SJB Co-op follows Pattonville School District to determine when Co-op will be cancelled due to severe weather.  SLCHA SJB Co-op is now part of the KMOV 4 Warn Snow Alert program. Visit KMOV.com and click on “school closings” or download the KMOV app for your smart phone.   You will also receive a Co-op Alert email as soon as possible.